A call for entries will be made in 2021

Business Leader of the Year

The judging panel will be looking for a business leader who has made an outstanding contribution to their business, to the benefit of the workforce, investors, customers and suppliers and also to Yorkshire’s economy and community. He/she will demonstrate strong leadership qualities, integrity and commercial ability.


Board of the Year

The emphasis will be on team work and judges are looking for a company, whether private or quoted, which has maintained a strong performance and profit record. The Board of the Year will also be judged on its composition (e.g. the balance between executive and non-executive directors), its internal and external relations and its general profile in the market place.


SME of the Year

The judges are looking to recognise an organisation with an annual turnover of £20 – £100 million that is demonstrating its ability to grow or a strong potential to do so. It must have a clear understanding of the market in which it operates and its future development within that marketplace, together with sound and measurable business practices.


Standout Small Business of the Year

For this category we are specifically looking for companies with a maximum turnover of £20m. The judges will take into consideration companies who are making a high impact in its field, may have had a transformational year or have done something different. Firms which have had products which have taken them into new markets and those who have had exceptional growth over a short period of time will also be likely to win favour with judges. We are specifically looking for matters that makes your company unique. Anything you are doing from a CSR perspective is also likely to catch the eye of judges. When we say ‘stand out small business of the year’ we mean it. We want firms who are a cut above the rest and heading towards the big time.